Kidnap Avoidance and Hostage Survival

This exciting new training, jointly developed and delivered with InterHealth, offers a unique new look at the growing ‘business’ of kidnapping.

The 1 day training examines the challenges of working in high kidnap risk areas. Participants come away with practical advice and tools to both reduce their vulnerability to kidnapping and, if the worst were to happen, to improve their ability to survive a period of enforced captivity. It gives participants the opportunity to critically reflect on the psychology of a kidnapping, immediate and long term reactions to this type of traumatic incident and personal resilience techniques.








Training objectives:

- Reduce vulnerability to kidnapping
- Improve ability to survive as a hostage
- Reduce the long term physical and psychological impact of captivity
- Improve organisation’s ability to deliver programmes in high risk kidnap areas

By the end of the training you will be able to:

- Describe ways to reduce your vulnerability to kidnapping
- Describe actions to take at the point of abduction
- Describe strategies for managing the physical and psychological impact of enforced captivity
- Describe strategies for readjustment following a period in captivity







Please note: this training is focused on improving the security and resilience of individuals working in high risk environments rather than organisational level issues such as policies and procedures. Please contact us if you are interested in an organisational level support (