Security Awareness and First Aid Training (SAFA)

Offering a giant leap forward in terms of Hostile Environment Training, SAFA offers our delegates an immersive, cost effective, risk appropriate, and in-depth training as they prepare for the realities of travelling to or living in hazardous or ‘deep field’ locations.  


SAFA training interweaves three distinct strands of learning which interlink throughout the three day residential course;  

'Human' Security - as well as understanding the operating space within which they will operate, delegates are taught about the human factors that affect their safety and security. Our team help the delegates to understand the 'drivers' to violence, their own attitudes and appetites to it and will come away able to exert influence within the context of interpersonal violence. 

'Hard' Security - delegates will learn how to reduce their personal and team vulnerabilities to a range of threats, from Abduction to Blast Threats, from Vehicle Check Points to Weapon Effects, the team focus on current tactics and techniques employed by armed groups to ensure the learning is up to date and appropriate.

First Aid in the Field - this portion of the course is taught in terms of delivering first aid in remote locations. Delegates are taught the fundamentals of primary and secondary survey, managing traumatic injuries and sustaining life when definitive care is not immediately available. Delegates are taught in detail how to safely extract and treat casualties in road traffic accidents. 

SAFA training offers extensive simulations on our training grounds, and participatory role-play based learning which compliments the classroom based theory lessons.  By the end of the course delegates can; 

  • Describe their role within the security environment
  • Conduct a context analysis and a personal travel risk assessment
  • Effectively contribute to a security planning process
  • Describe measures to reduce personal and team vulnerability to a range of threats
  • Demonstrate ‘actions on’ the event of an incident occurring in order to reduce its impact

NB: some organisations will refer to HEAT or HEFAT training, SAFA is the ILS brand equivalent setting it apart from other providers in terms of content, delivery and quality. 

Click HERE to view a short film about SAFA Training