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Intelli-TRIP is a cutting-edge, online travel risk management platform designed specifically for the aid and academic sectors that offers compliance with ISO31030 (Travel Risk Management Standard).


Most travel risk management systems look solely at the geographical threat rating at the destination of travel, but Intelli-TRIP goes beyond the country threat rating.

The traveller answers a series of questions that build a personal risk profile and a picture of the risks associated with their planned activities. The system uses an algorithm that uses the personal and contextual risk profiles and country threat information to calculate a travel risk score between 1 and 100.

Organisations set their Acceptable Level of Risk (ALR), so that any travel scoring above their chosen level is flagged in the Travel Risk Management Dashboard.

Each traveler receives a safety briefing generated by the system.


  • During travel, administrators can see the location of their travellers on a map.
  • Each traveller is required to check in via their phone home screen.
  • Administrators can communicate with travellers using the in-app instant message function.
  • Travellers in distress can press the in-app panic button to alert administrators to any developing issues.
Intelli-TRIP app features:
Individual automated travel risk assessments for every trip
Trip specific travel safety briefings
Secure instant message communication portal
Organisational Acceptable Level of Risk (ALR) setting
Traveller check-in functionality
Panic Button
Travel Manager Dashboard