• Senior Training Advisor

    We have an openning in the UK for a Senior Training Advisor. Closing Date 10th July 2017.  

  • Senior Risk Advisor

    We have an exciting new opening within the ILS Risk Advisory Team. Based in the UK office we are looking for a new Senior Risk Advisor. Application closing date is 10th July, 2017

  • UK Threat Level for International Terrorism

    In the wake of the Terrorist attack in Manchester, the UK governent has increased the Threat Level for International Terrorism to it highest level. The attached document offer some guidance for organisations with staff and premises in the UK on actions to take and meaures to implement in response to the change.  

  • Turkey update 16/07/16

    Our Senior Security Advisor Liam Chivers is currently in Turkey. In this document he gives advice on steps that organisations can take when affected by such incidents and relects on possible implications of this attempted coup

  • Kidnap Preparedness

    Is your organisation ready to deal with the reality of a member of the team being taken hostage? We have developed this free one page checklist of actions to take so that your organisation is prepared to respond should the worst happen.

  • World Humanitarian Summit Commitments

    The first ever World Humanitarian Summit is taking place in Turkey, 24-25th May 2016. ILS has been very actively involved in preparations for WHS, trying to get aid worker safety, security and wellbeing to feature more prominently on the agenda. In recognition of the need to create a strong voice around these issues we approached EISF to support our efforts. As a result we have galvanised support from humanitarian security risk management stakeholders globally to develop 2 commitments which we hope to present at a Leaders RoundTable. 

  • WHS Safety and Security Advice

    Travelling to Istanbul for the World Humanitarian Summit in May? Worried about safety and security? Here we offer a free resource with an up to date context assessment and some iseful hints and tips to help you have a safe and sucessful summit.  

  • Post Paris - What’s Changed?

    Following the dreadful events in Paris on 13th November we ask, 'What do the attacks change?' 

  • Kidnapping HEAT Map

    This HEAT map shows the location of kidnapping events affecting aid workers around the world between 2009 - 2014

  • Made to Care - Commentary on the Dennis vs. NRC verdict

    In November 2015 NRC were found to be Grossly Negligent in the case brought against them by Steve Dennis following his kidnapping in Dadaab, Kenya. The case is sure to have repurcussions for the aid indutsry, and in this blog post we offer ILS' commentary on the findings. 

  • Travelling with Medication

    Do you know if the medicines you need are legal in the country you are travelling to, do they require any special storage requirements, how large a supply can you get from your Doctor in your home country and are your medicines available in the country you are visiting? 

    This guidance sheet produced by our partner InterHealth, gives information on what to do if you need to take medicines with you when you travel internationally.

  • Responding to Sexual Assault

    This information sheet, produced by our partner InterHealth, contains information & guidance on medical & psychological support for those who have been sexually assaulted. It is intended for those who have responsibility for staff such as HR, security managers & field managers.

  • Managing stress in humanitarian aid workers

    Guidelines for Good Practice: Managing Stress in Humanitarian Workers produced by the Antares Foundation ( Also available in Arabic, French, Spanish and Albanian from their website.

  • Sexual Harassment and Violence

    Guidance sheet on the prevention of sexual harrassment and violence

  • Carjacking

    Information sheet jointly produced by ILS and InterHealth Worldwide on avoiding, responding to and recovering from Carjacking

  • Essential Travel Documents

    Information sheet and checklist jointly produced by ILS and InterHealth Worldwide on documents needed for travel 

  • Road Traffic Collisions

    Information sheet jointly produced by ILS and InterHealth Worldwide on avoiding, responding to and recovering from Road Traffic Collisions

  • Press Release. ILS and InterHealth announce partnership