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Crisis Management


The ability to effectively manage a crisis or a critical incident is central to any international organisation’s duty of care. In the age of rolling news and widespread social media adoption, it is especially important.

Having systems in place and people in post to manage the media message and support staff when they are in danger is a critical piece of the risk management jigsaw, and a benchmark for establishing responsible employment practices.

ILS offers two different Crisis Management training packages(details below). Both programmes have been developed to build the resilience of International Organisations, enabling them to better understand the complexities and challenges of supporting staff and their families during times of extreme stress and confusion. Participants will be taught to act decisively to protect their colleagues, programmes, and the reputation of the organisation.

Package 1: Crisis Management Workshop

Package 2: Crisis Management Simulation Training

This programme has been developed for those closer to the start of the crisis management preparedness journey, wanting to develop organisational(and stakeholder) capacity. This workshop introduces the crisis management team to their responsibilities in a crisis event, as well as the guiding principles of crisis management. It includes tailored scenarios, delivered in slow time to allow for consideration and reflection, with an experienced ILS crisis manager on hand offering guidance and support throughout.  

This training solution has been designed for international organisations that wish to stress test their crisis management plans, and institutional capacity to respond to a major crisis. This is a highly immersive event. Our team will create a realistic crisis, tailored to your people and programmes, delivered by actors, and directed/observed by highly experienced ILS crisis managers. The team will work with you to identify areas for improvement within your crisis management plans and function.

Topics covered on our crisis management programmes include:

  • Data Handling Practices
  • Family Liaison
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Handling
  • Staff care and support
  • Working withInsurers
  • Financial considerations
  • Reputation protection
  • Actor mapping
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Government Stakeholders

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