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Risk Advisory Services

The work of our risk advisory team is divided into three distinct areas:

1. Strategic Risk Management

Supporting senior leaders with the analysis and development of organisational risk management, risk governance, and duty of care challenges.

2. Operational Risk Management

From country level risk assessments to fully outsourced security management support services (including embedded risk advisors and an ad-hoc security management help-desk service), we provide highly agile support for the operational security risk management of people, programmes, and assets worldwide.

3. Travel Risk Management

Supporting travellers to remain safe by providing travel risk advisory services, wherever they go in the world. (see Travel Risk Management page)

Project Management Journey:

We maintain a highly agile approach to all our work. We tailor our projects and their outputs to the specific needs of your people and programmes.

We use a four-phase project management journey, with clients joining the journey at the most appropriate stage for them and the maturity of their systems.

  • Discover: An audit or review of your existing risk management systems, culture, and approach to duty of care.
  • Develop: Creation of security plans, polices, procedures and tools tailored to your needs.
  • Implement: Turning paper into practice and developing a strong culture of safe working practices.
  • Assure: The ongoing management of effective and robust safety and security practices.

For any other enquiries that may be particular to your organisation, contact our team about Bespoke Services.

“You are able to balance professionalism and technical skills with pragmatism and a personality that quickly engendered a level of trust that enabled you to maximise the considerable resources you bring to bear. We look forward to continuing to work with you."

Country Director - Anon Agency, Syrian Response

“Highly professional, responsive and trusted partners. I would highly recommend ILS."

Rachel Westcott - Director of People and OD, Wateraid