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Crisis Management Workshop Online

(Critical Incident or Safeguarding Incident)


The ability to effectively manage a crisis, whether it be a critical incident or a safeguarding incident, is central to any organisation’s duty of care. Having the required processes, systems, and people in place is an important component of safety, security and safeguarding thinking, and a benchmark in establishing responsible employment practices.


Our Online Crisis Management Trainings are interactive, simulation-based, learning experiences that utilise a range of multimedia formats and examine the pressures placed upon crisis managers, those directly affected by the incident(s), their families and colleagues. The training aims to test organisational systems, crisis management or safeguarding teams and reinforces the critical skills required to deal with it successfully.

What?  ILS offers two Crisis Management Training Packages which can focus on either:

A. Critical Incident Management or

B. Safeguarding Incident Management

Package 1: Crisis Management Workshop

Package 2: Crisis Management Simulation Training

This programme has been developed for those closer to the start of the crisis management preparedness journey, wanting to develop organisational (and stakeholder) capacity. This workshop introduces the crisis management/safeguarding teams to their responsibilities in a crisis event, as well as the guiding principles of crisis management. It includes tailored scenarios, delivered in slow time to allow for consideration and reflection, with an experienced ILS crisis manager on hand offering guidance and support throughout.  

This training solution has been designed for international organisations that wish to stress test their crisis management or safeguarding plans, and institutional capacity to respond to a major crisis.This is a highly immersive event. Our team will create a realistic event, tailored to your people and programmes, delivered by actors, and directed/observed by highly experienced ILS managers. The team will work with you to identify areas for improvement within your crisis management/safeguarding plans and function.

Each programme is written specifically for the commissioning agency and is built around their programmes and existing crisis / critical incident management processes. The workshop includes a pre-simulation session to familiarise participants and is followed by an intensive simulation, usually on a different day. The workshop concludes with a debriefing and after-action review.

This training is for Crisis Managers at all levels, including:

  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • CommunicationsProfessionals
  • Crisis Administrators
  • Security Focal Points
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