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Field Resilience & Stress Management Training


High levels of stress caused by intense working conditions, proximity to extreme suffering, and the inherent dangers of field work put international aid workers, journalists and human rights activists at high risk of suffering burnout. Those that experience trauma can be left with long term psychological scars, or PTSD. To address this, ILS has designed this trauma-sensitive course which provides practical tools and skills for all those dealing with the uncertainty and stress caused by deployment in complex environments.


This course is open to all and available to both individuals and organisations. Lasting 3 hours, the training is led by a mental health practitioner, and builds the capacity of participants to understand the physiology of stress, the short and long-term consequences of exposure to stress and equip participants with practical tools for stress management in the longer term,


Key modules include:

  • Acute stress: what it is and how to manage it
  • Mental Health: risks and resilience in the aid sector
  • Practical strategies for protecting psychological health