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Traveller Tracking

Knowing the whereabouts of travelling staff is key for any employer to interpret risks and mitigate potential threats.

Working with our partners at Vismo we can help you easily locate and communicate with your staff wherever they are in the world.

Vismo better enables organisations to manage liability and risk by improving their ability to respond to an incident.  

Vismo increases traveller safety awareness by enabling staff to view their location and add geo fences.

We offer access to VISMO on a per user, per month basis, or through the implementation and management of organisational licences.

Key Features:

Incident Management:

  • Locate travellers instantly within the vicinity of the impact area or close by. Use Incident Management as part of your action plan to help safeguard those at risk.

Mass Notification:

  • Provide immediate, critical information to employees. Find out employees’ safety status by using Vismo’s In-App Mass Notification messaging and deploy bespoke/client defined user responses. A full audit trail of send, delivery, and read is available. There are also additional costed options to send via SMS and/or automated voice.

Points of Interest:

  • Add Points of Interest (POIs) on to the map to understand where a key point is in relation to travellers, such as COVID-19 cases, airports or hospitals.

Panic Alert:

  • When activated, audio is automatically recorded. This allows security teams to better understand the situation at hand.


  • Add virtual perimeters around high-risk zones or places of safety to alert the necessary teams when travellers enter or exit these areas.


  • Check on your employees’ wellbeing and provide support to them when appropriate. Vismo can prompt the user and ask how they are feeling, within the Vismo App they can select 'Good', 'OK' or 'Not Good'. The employer can decide the options to an employee if they press 'Not Good', this could include calling a helpline or requesting a follow up. The employee can also remain anonymous.