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Discover  - Duty of Care Benchmarking & Risk Audit

The Discover Phase refers to the process ILS follows to gain an intimate understanding of your organisation.

Following a handful of landmark rulings, organisations have come under increased scrutiny and pressure to recognise and meet their duty of care obligations in recent years. Following a key ruling In 2016, ILS developed a duty of care benchmarking matrix to assess how effectively international organisations are meeting their legal and moral duty of care obligations.

Using our unique methodology, resources and tools we have conducted risk audits and duty of care benchmarking reviews for hundreds of organisations, of every size and shape, right around the world.

We will act as your partner to review the suitability of your existing systems and identify any specific gaps. We will then develop a report with recommendations on the necessary tools to bring your operations in line with sector best practice, while improving the sustainability, reach, and effectiveness of your programmes around the world.

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Standard outputs from a Duty of Care benchmarking review or risk audit:

  • Analysis of the duty of care provision and risk management policy and practice
  • Duty of care dashboard for simple navigation
  • Organisational risk appetite statement
  • Training needs assessment
  • Recommendations for improvement to risk management strategy and operations
  • Proposed framework for integrated policies and SOPs to address risk management at a global, regional, and country level 
  • Implementation roadmap: How to turn paper to practice and roll out new systems and processes effectively