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Assure  - Embedded Support

Our embedded support service is a complete outsourced security manager solution, providing a flexible approach to interim or long-term security management challenges and travel safety information.

A member of the ILS Risk Advisory team is embedded in your organisation for anything from 2 days (or 15 hours) per month, to full-time.

They can provide support and advice to your teams at a strategic or operational level, act as a crisis manager, and attend internal and external meetings as a representative of your organisation.

In choosing an embed you are buying access to a service, not a person. This means that your appointed advisor will access support from across our team, dipping into a much broader range of services and specialisms, networks and knowledge than would ever be available through a single full / part time, direct hire.

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Recent Embedded Support Cients

Service Features:

  1. Dedicated Risk Advisor
  2. Verbal Advice to Managers
  3. Travel Safety Briefings
  4. Risk Assessment Review
  5. Crisis Management Support
  6. Access to experts, resources, and regional networks
  1. Direct Support to Travellers
  2. Desk-based Document Work
  3. In-person Support
  4. Preferential Rates on Selected Services
  5. 52-week cover