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SAFA Refresher 1-Day Course


SAFA and HEAT qualifications are valid for 3 years.

To requalify, you can attend our 1-day skills refresher course.

The programme is largely practical. Delegates will spend the day outside on our huge training area, refreshing the skills learnt on our Security Awareness & First Aid training (SAFA) course, and building on those skills to develop a new, deeper level of knowledge.


On this course, delegates learn through immersion in engaging simulations that work across our three learning components; ‘human’ security, ‘hard’ or physical security, and first aid. These are followed by a thorough, immediate debriefing process to embed the learning.


The SAFA Refresher is suitable for those who completed the ILS SAFA training three or more years ago.

We do accept delegates from other programmes, but would ask that you contact us upon enrolment so that we can make sure this is the right training for you.

Graduates from our Online PSAT course can use the 1-day SAFA Refresher to achieve full HEAT certification.

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