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HEAT Media 3-day course


ILS HEAT Media is a unique 3-day safety and security course for media professionals.

The course has been developed by ILS’ training team in collaboration with leading subject matter experts in media safety (see below for details of our High Risk Media Advisory Team).

The course delivers around 30 hours of security and first aid teaching and practical simulations from our residential training centres in West Sussex.

Topics include:

•First Aid•Weapon Awareness•Blast Threats•

•Psychological responses to Risk•Negotiation•

•Wellbeing•Preparation and Planning•

•Kidnap and Detention•Sexual Violence•

•Diverse Profiles • Digital Risks•Crowd Safety• 

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Over the past decade ILS courses have broken the HEAT mould by delivering a ‘person centred approach’, teaching topics that mix mental health, community engagement, negotiation, risk psychology and profile diversity, with more conventional 'battlefield' risks.

As a result our courses have been described as offering a “cerebral approach to HEAT training.”

The ILS HEAT Media course considers the intersecting physical, digital and psychosocial risks of evolving threats to media safety, such as climate-related risks, unrest connected with societal inequity and polarised communities, and online harassment.   


The training is designed for media professionals: journalists, reporters, freelancers, correspondents, editors, fixers, producers, camera crew and photographers.