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Online Training

Live, Instructor-led, web-learning programmes.

ILS offers a comprehensive package of online, integrated risk management training programmes. From travel risk and personal safety, to wellbeing, safeguarding and cyber risk. All of our online training packages are delivered live by sector specialists from around the globe and are available inEnglish, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Italian.

Why choose online training?

ILS’ online training packages are specifically designed to support organisational duty of care in ensuring access to cost effective, flexible, high-quality safety and security training for all frontline workers across the globe directly from their duty stations, regardless of movement constraints and language barriers. By joining our online courses, participants get the opportunity not only to learn from our international specialist trainers, but also to engage in a global community of practice with colleagues from all over the world through our virtual training platform.

Travel Safety & Security
Training (TSS)
5 x 90 minute sessions
Live, instructor-led online training

Ideally suited to those travelling to low-medium risk locations.

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Personal Safety Awareness Training (PSAT)
5 x 180 minute sessions
Live, instructor-led online training

Ideally suited to country teams and dispersed workforces unable to access SAFA (HEAT) training

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Security Risk Management Training (SRMT)
8 week course
Guided coursework with weekly live online sessions

Ideally suited to security focal points and security officers.

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Field Resilience and Stress Management Training
1 x 180 minute session
Live, instructor-led online training.

Ideally suited to all international travellers and staff.

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Crisis Management Workshop
1 or 2 day training
Live, immersive online training

Ideally suited to staff responsible for reacting to serious incidents on behalf of their organisation.

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