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Our Partners

Diversity Travel are a specialist Travel Management Company providing a fully integrated service to the charity, academic and not-for-profit sectors. They have significant expertise in arranging travel to both familiar and more obscure areas of the globe, with access to exclusive highly flexible humanitarian and academic air fares.

We partner with Vismo to provide the most robust personal tracking software on the market. Whether your teams operate globally, locally or from home, Vismo can help you manage and mitigate the risks your employees face each day. Around the clock and in all time-zones, Vismo currently locates and protects over 450,000 mobile staff.

ILS is an affiliate member of The Global Interagency Security Forum (formerly EISF), a member-led NGO forum that drives change through our global network of over 125 member organisations. They aim to influence good security risk management practice that works for the whole humanitarian sector, improving the security of aid workers and operations for sustainable access.

ILS provides digital badges for all training courses through, an essential resource for humanitarian staff and volunteers, recruiters, line managers and human resource (HR) professionals, and providers of humanitarian learning and assessment services.